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About Us

We back teams driving the future of the Travel Experience. We get up in the morning to make a difference in ventures that leverage technology in unexplored high impact areas of Travel, Commerce and F&B.

When it comes to tech innovation - we’ve founded divisions, advised, introduced tech solutions, supported, and managed funds for some of the world’s industry leaders.

Henry Chen Weinstein

  • Founding Managing Partner

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

Before AI depicted Henry as "Indy" he founded and managed investment vehicles as well as corporate venture arms for some of the world's leaders in Travel, Commerce and F&B. - boeing_PNG6.png
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A selection of previous investments: 30secondstofly (Acquired, American Express GBT), AeroCRS (Acquired, 777 Partners) Quicklizard (IPO TASE:QLRD), Routier (Acquired, accesiBe), Collider Ventures I, Holisto, Acai Travel, Reeco, among others.

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